5 frames… 120 Format Kodak Gold 200 (EI 100 / Pentax 67 + SMC- Pentax 105mm f/2.4 + SMC- Pentax 55mm f/4)

Kodak Gold has stood the take a look at of time since 1980 and remains to be a staple for a lot of movie photographers around the globe. Gold 200 is completed (sorry for the horrible sentence) Sleep Supplies the usual, pretty heat tone for client movie images, which solely will get higher with overexposure. Once I met my buddy at Kodak Alaris at WPPI earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, he had a bit of enjoyable enjoying with my emotions and requested questions like, “Should you had an opportunity to market a movie, which one would you wish to make?” I replied, “We want one of many client films like Gold 200 or Ultramax 400 in 120!” Shocked, he responded, “However why? This can be a client film?!” now i’ve one million Why a client 35mm movie is obtainable on the one hundred and twentieth market is a matter of one other dialog.

After this chat, I took to Twitter to ask a query about it, and somebody at one level tweeted a reply stating Gold 200 did 120 format, however it’s laborious to search out! Infuriated by the declare, I jumped on Google, and lo and behold Gold 200 did exist! So, naturally, I turned to eBay to search out this elusive Gold 200 for 120. Simply nothing. Nevertheless, I expanded my search to different international locations, and I discovered an eBay vendor promoting 5 rolls of Gold 200 for 120, ending in 2001 with a buy-it-now of fifty euros.

I assumed, nicely, this could make an ideal YouTube video (nonetheless within the works, and I will share it as soon as it goes stay), justified my reasoning, and shopped. The subsequent day, Germany went into lockdown, and Deutsche Mail banned outbound mail to states it did not know when it will open. The extremely sort eBay vendor provided to refund me the cash, however I prompt holding off till the put up lifted the restrictions. This was in April 2020.

5 months to mid-September, by some unusual coincidence, I discovered that German Put up was reopening outbound supply to the US. That title triggered the reminiscence of my forgotten Gold 200. I could not consider it! I contacted the eBay vendor and confirmed that German Put up has reopened outbound delivery and shipped it for supply! I used to be surprised… till it was hung up in customs and delivered for one more month.

As you possibly can see, I took it for a take a look at drive. Roll expiration date was 11/2001. The movie was produced greater than 20 years in the past. The vendor could not verify storage circumstances, however I figured I had 5 rolls, and I might take it out for a take a look at drive to learn how to shoot the opposite rolls. So, I took a roll, loaded it into my Pentax 67, set it to EI 100, and plotted my shadow away. Then, that night, I took it for a drive round my rural city.

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