Greatest meals recipes for treats and amateurs

In contrast to most different MMORPGs, it does not include any potions. tower of fantasy, If you wish to heal or refine your self, you must depend on meals as an alternative. Nonetheless, the mechanics of cooking tower of fantasy are surprisingly complicated and a few require enjoying to grasp. That can assist you determine it out, we have put collectively this information to one of the best meals recipes to make use of. tower of fantasy,

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the right way to eat meals

There are two methods to eat meals. The best is to press the ‘Use Provide’ keybind, which is F2 by default, Utilizing it to eat health-restoring meals triggers a 45-second cooldown, throughout which you’ll be able to’t heal utilizing meals once more. You may change what meals you eat by clicking the up arrow to the correct of your well being bar when the use provide is on.

The choice is to hold in your backpack, Choose ‘Cooking’ on the correct facet of your backpackafter which click on on the meals you wish to eat. That is helpful for stacking up a number of buffs simply earlier than coming into a troublesome encounter. Any meals recipe that merely supplies fondant or satiation, however doesn’t remedy, won’t set off the above 45-second cooldown.

Click on on this arrow to alter what’s consumed when the ‘Devour Provide’ keybind (F2 by default is used).

Greatest meals recipes for therapeutic in tower of fantasy

In a really perfect world, you may depend on your physicians or grow to be a therapist your self, however this isn’t all the time potential. There can be instances when your group’s healer cannot sustain with you otherwise you’ll be finishing solo materials as a DPS or tank participant. In these situations, your solely course of therapy is to eat. These are one of the best meals recipes to maintain your well being excessive.

  • Balloon Fruit Salad
    • x2 Balloon Fruit, x1 Salad Dressing, x1 Thornmato – Use this to revive the Wanderer’s HP instantly (16% + 34,000).
  • caterpillar truffle noodles
    • x3 Brown Rice, x1 Caterpillar Fungus – Use this to revive Wanderer immediately (20% + 60,000) HP.
  • caviar sushi
    • x1 Caviar, x2 Laver, x2 Rice – Use this to immediately restore (16% + 34,000) HP to the Wanderer.
  • chocolate bread
    • x2 Brown Rice, x2 Cocoa Beans – Use this to revive Wanderer’s HP instantly (16% + 34,000).
  • fiddlehead pie
    • x2 Brown Rice, x2 Fiddlehead – Use this to immediately restore (16% + 34,000) HP to the Wanderer.

Tower of Fantasy Fiddlehead Pie Food Recipe

  • Fiddlehead Soup
    • x2 Fiddlehead, x4 Lettuce – Use this to immediately restore (16% + 34,000) HP to the Wanderer.
  • walnut tea
    • x1 Hazelnut, x2 Honey, x2 Pinecone – Use this to revive Wanderer’s HP immediately (20% + 60,000).
  • pine cocoa
    • x1 Cocoa Beans, x2 Milk, x1 Pinecone – Use this to revive Wanderer’s HP instantly (16% + 34,000).
  • Snow Lotus Soup
    • x2 Honey, x1 Snow Lotus – Use this to immediately restore (20% + 60,000) HP to the Wanderer.
  • candy pomegranate juice
    • x1 Carbonated Water, x2 Honey, x2 Phosphogranate – Use this to revive Wanderer’s HP instantly (16% + 34,000).

Tower of Fantasy Snow Lotus Soup Food Recipe

Greatest meals recipes for aggressive hobbyists tower of fantasy

They are saying one of the best protection is an efficient offense, and that holds true for a lot of MMOs. At the least usually, tower of fantasy There is no such thing as a exception to that rule. In the event you can deal extra injury, you’ll be able to kill a boss sooner and due to this fact take much less total injury all through the combat. The meals recipes listed under are one of the best choices to extend your DPS.

  • purple yam pie
    • x3 Brown Rice, x1 Purple Yam – Achieve (+2% +150) volt injury for 1200 sec.
  • salmon sashimi
    • X1 Lake Bass – Achieve (+2% +150) Ice injury for 1200 seconds.
  • steak with sauce
    • x3 Firecap, x1 Prime Minimize – Achieve (+2% +150) hearth injury for 1200 seconds.
  • truffle fried rice
    • x1 Black Truffle, x1 Onion, x2 Rice – Achieve (+2% +150) bodily injury for 1200 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Salmon Sashimi Food Recipe

Greatest meals recipes for defensive amateurs tower of fantasy

Though higher DPS improves survivability, at instances it won’t be sufficient. Some materials is so punishing that with out an additional layer of protection, you are going to battle to clear it. This may grow to be very true as soon as high-level raid content material is added sooner or later. For these events, you may wish to use the next meals recipes to step up your defenses.

  • braised meat
    • X1 Fatty Minimize – Achieve (+15% +675) Ice resistance for 1200 seconds.
  • roast beef
    • X1 Prime Minimize – Achieve (+15% +675) Voltage Resistance for 1200 sec.
  • juicy blt
    • x2 Brown Rice, x1 Fatty Minimize, x2 Poultry Egg – Achieve (+15%+675) Hearth resistance for 1200 sec.
  • Snail Baked Rice
    • x1 carrion snail, x2 rice – acquire (+15% +675) bodily resistance for 1200 sec.

Tower of Fantasy Grilled Steak Food Recipe

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