Historical past of Kodak: From Dalit to Family Title

Kodak is now a family title, however it was having a tough time attending to the place it’s right this moment. The truth is, some would say that Kodak has a historical past downtrodden, however why is that, how did it change into a family title, and why is it the selection of hundreds of movie photographers around the globe? Let’s take a deep dive!

Kodak was created in 1888 by George Eastman and its manufacturing facility was established in Rochester, New York the place the corporate continues to make movies right this moment. For an organization that has been in manufacturing for 134 years now, you’d assume it might be on the identical stage as many family names, makes billions a 12 months, and to an extent it does, or not less than it did in 2020. . Income of 1.018 billion.

It sounds stunning to us, however within the lengthy recreation, it is under no circumstances. How did Kodak change into a world icon, and why is it nonetheless in our digicam luggage right this moment?

Kodak Logo Through History

(picture credit score: Kodak)

Kodak took the medium of movie and images to achieve all ranges, from amateurs to professionals, and each family in between. Kodak provided options for everybody, permitting and supporting a complete new technology of private picture taking.

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